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I am delighted to host you for a series of special events at the Siani Decor space in Rome. This is a unique location in the


center of Rome, in the historical frame of the Centro Massimo, a place where the history of Rome originated. The complex


hosts a 15-storey boutique hotel, two large event rooms, the Upper Salon and the Lower Hall, a marvelous courtyard that is


part of the Palatine hill and a prestigious office.


    via Dei Cerchi



If you are looking for an accomodation during your courses at the Castle or if you simply want to visit the School, you can stay in


our lovely place in the countryside, between the Turin hills, where you can discover and enjoy the charm of the blend of design


and life. You can forget the daily hustle and bustle immersed in the magic of a medieval village, drinking a glasses or two nestled


between picturesque and timeless hills. Rooms have private bath and are different in style and color, equipped with free WiFi


and fluffy duvet cover. Contact me for info on our special packages & reservations.

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