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Siani Decor



What if you could play with art and make the nurturance of your body and being a joyful, exuberant and hedonistic experience?

The School of Decoration and Classical Arts at Casalborgone Castle is opened to all those who are willing to


receive the gift of all the wonders that have been created in this reality and to be the catalysts to live and create a


reality beyond this one. Whether you are a student, an artist, a cultural operator, an art lover, a tourist, a curios


citizen or a school, a Fine Art Academy or a University, no matter your age, position or maybe you have no


interest in being a practicing professional, but you are interested in creating a greater future for yourself and


having a life where everything expands every day and nothing is outside the realm of possibilities, then you have


found the place to be.

Emanuela Siani



My passion is all about inspiring myself and others


Ciao, I am Emanuela Siani. I have a degree in scenography, a wide experience in Interior Decoration with a specialization in restoration and Classical arts, and I have taught decoration for over twenty years in Rome.


I have always liked to offer people a space to start inviting elegance, beauty, pleasure and abundance in their lives, whatever elegance, beauty, pleasure and abundance mean for them… a way to celebrate our life and our living and to start recognizing the different possibilities and choices that each of us has available. And it has been a great pleasure to decorate numerous Hotels, Relais, Suite, Chateaux and Private Luxury Residences, in both Italy and abroad.


Since 2007 I am a Certified Facilitator for Access Consciousness Bars, Foundation & Body Process Level 1.

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