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Siani Decor

The celebration of beauty to create

the elegance of living

Art is the highest form of communication of all mankind, which has always been inspired by peoples of every civilization and


culture spread worldwide. I am delighted to offer my experience in the realization of pictorial and decorative elements


characteristic of the Italian style recognized all over the world. My experience over the years has taken me to space first in


classical decoration such as fake marbles, fake wood, leaf gold plating, pictorial decoration, wall paintings, spatulas etc.


especially made especially for luxury hotels and private homes throughout Italy and globally. Thanks to this experience, I have


used classic decorative techniques and have readjusted them for one more contemporary use of my work, thus also reaching


out to furniture, design tables, panels decorative, cracklè, stucco and contemporary objects. My experience over the years has


led me to work especially within luxury hotels throughout Italy and abroad. In some of them I have had the opportunity to


space from the design to the realization of decorations of both the mural spaces and the various furnishing accessories for


each room.

gallery classica
Elenco lavori
  • Decoration Exhibition Ripalta's Walk, Roma

  • Decoration Exhibition, Piana Dell'orologio Spoleto

  • Caffè Italiano, Via E. Q. Visconti, Roma

  • Residenza privata, Scheggino (TR)

  • Ristorante Buvette, Via Vittoria, Roma

  • Hotel Excelsior, Private Suite, Roma

  • Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi, Private Residence, Roma

  • Hotel Del La Ville, Milan Hall e bar area 

  • Hotel Hassler, Roma 

  • Hotel Exedra, Roma

  • La Vela – Private Club Restaurant, Napoli

  • 5. Anselmo, Hotel, Aventino Roma

  • Grand Hotel Astoria, Firenze

  • Hotel Alexander Plaza, Abano Terme

  • Hotel Rivoli, Roma

  • Istituto Suore Canossiane, Firenze

  • President Residence, Castel Fusano (Roma)

  • Hotel Bernini, Roma

  • Grand Hotel Palace, Roma

  • Ristorante Piccola Roma, Rome

  • ll Castello dell'Oca, Bavetta, Via dell'Oca, Rome

  • Arte nella Casa, Simonetta Fumagalli, Rome

  • River Side, Via Toronto

  • La Cervaro, Relais Todini, Todi

  • Air Terminal – Roma

  • Hotel De La Ville, Roma

  • Hotel Ambasciatori, Via Veneto, Roma

  • Grand Hotel Flora, Roma

  • Grand Hotel Dei Dogi, Venezia

  • Hotel Mediterraneo, Napoli

  • Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay, Taormina

  • Hotel Liberty, Catania

  • Hotel Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai

  • Dommusi privati, Pantelleria

Gallery Contemporaneo
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