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Casalborgone Castle 

School of Decoration and Classical Arts

The project of the School of Decoration and Classical Arts at Casalborgone Castle provides the


possibility to form new generations of artists able to make available this opportunity to live the Castle


and the Access project from the point of view of the elegance of living. And, at a larger radius, it is


intended as a fertile ground to grow individuals able to return, through the learning of decorative arts,


the value that can represent the art and elegance of living in the future. Art, thus, can start again to be


and to be perceived as a vehicle for awareness and creating a future of elegance and abundance.


No longer the study of art to stay anchored to a nostalgic golden age, but the generation of a


sustainable future that includes beauty as a valuable and essential tool of human experience. In addition


to the decorative arts, great space will be reserved for the restoration of classical arts, to encourage the


acknowledgement of the value of every form of art and treasures available to us to enhance the quality


of our life.


Creating a space for people to perceive, know, be and receive the possibility to add Aesthetics, Decadence,


Hedonism and Elegance to their lives and living, and alter their reality with total ease through experiencing


decorative and classical art techniques.


                                       COLLABORATIONS & CONNECTIONS

Interesting perspectives in Interior Decoration and new professional figures - from Cultural Heritage to advertising, to


scenography for cinema, theater and television - find at the Casalborgone Castle School of Decoration and Classical


Arts, a unique field in Italy between tradition and innovation. The remarkable features  of the School of Decoration and


Classical Arts at Casalborgone Castle is to offer a connection to the work world through internships, in collaboration


with Cultural Institutions and Universities, Academies, specialized agencies, as well as training and cultural promotion


sponsored by Schools, Universities, Academies and Institutes affiliated to the MiBACT - Ministry of Cultural Heritage


and Activities and Tourism (Italy). Collaborations can even take the form of festivals, events, exhibitions and artists



Corsi al castello
IBAN: IT92T0200805209000400883612

Would you like to book your art lesson at the Castle? If you buy it now, the 6-hours package where you can approach 3 main decoration techniques  is discounted at 600 Euros (instead of 800 Euros).


1) FAKE MARBLES lesson: ancient decorative technique with natural materials


2) GOLDEN LEAF lesson: you will learn how to prepare the bottom and spread the gold leaf on different surfaces


3) STENCIL lesson: you will learn how to extract a drawing extrapolate a 'spolvero' from a drawing, to use it as a module for your decoration, and you will begin to create lights and shadows that will give the decoration depth and three-dimensionality.


Depending on your staying, we will organize your Hours of Art at the Castle.


Do not miss this incredible opportunity, reserve your elegance now...


Basic 1: Decorative Painting Techniques

Use of materials.

Pictorial effects: sponging, glaze, patina and finishes. Stencil: handwritten ornamental motifs.

Marbleizing and faux stones: porphyry, veined, breccia, lapis lazuli.

Basic 2: Decorative Painting Techniques

Grisaille: monochrome painting and faux relief.

Volumetric consistency through heightened brush-painting, light and shade theory. Transfer of ornament drawings through pouncing.

Canvas realization with Renaissance motif and classic ornaments.

Designing Trompe-l'œil

The student will design a faux library or a faux niche within a decorative scheme. Final sketch realization.

Technical knowledge to accomplish the pictorial idea of trompe l'oeil in scale 1:10. Rudimentals on perspective and vanishing points.

Drawing and painting practice exercises sessions.


Designing and executing a painting.

First part: perspective elements and vanishing point, iconographic research of pictorial elements, creation of the sketch.

Second part: transfer of the sketch to canvas (m 1.20 x 1). Final painting with pigments and water colors.

Furniture Decoration

Designing the decoration of a piece of wooden furniture through decorative painting techniques. Practice exercises on wood.


Use of materials: faux gold, pure gold, silver, “mecca”.

Realization of different types of gilding on small made of stucco and wood objects.

Oil Painting

Using color according to the methodology developed by the nineteenth and twentieth century artists.

Drawing, use of materials and pictorial technique. Creation of an oil painting on canvas.

Watercolor drawing and painting

Drawing sessions in studio. Use of chiaroscuro (light-dark).

Use of pictorial materials and technique.

Pratice exercises sessions based on hints from life and art books. En plein air sessions according to season and timetable.

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